Trojan Horses -- NOVEL

Earl D Handfield ehandfie at
Wed Nov 10 13:57:20 EST 1993

I am currently writing a novel set in the near future about an out of control 
virus which infects like AIDS, seems impossible to cure, and kills a lot 
faster.  I am currently doing research for it, and would like the novel, even 
though it is fiction to be technically sound.  I am seeking someone in the 
field, who I could correspond with, to find out the validity of my story line, 
and to help make the scientific aspects of my story accurate.  My background is
in Journalism, and I share the distaste of the scientific community for 
uninformed writer's.  Someone up to date in the field with the desire to aid in
creating a unique piece of fiction please reply.

 send replies under 'Trojan Horse' to ehandfie at

Thank you.

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