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>I need more information on the HANTAVIRUS.  I need more solid information
>on how it is spread.  I have conflicting information as to the method
>of transmission.    I have two reports, one states that HANTAVIRUS is spread
>by TICKS on the mice, and the other states that it is airborne from the mice

There is no evidence for spread by ticks. The theory with by far
the largest following has the virus being spread by airborne virus
from mouse droppings. 
>I work in enviromential (heated) cabinets which acquire a population of mice 
>in them.   This is a concern, as I am involved in the repair of equipment
>within these cabinets, and work in close proximity to the mice droppings, and
>I also remove dead mice on occasion.  I have talked with the local department 
>of health, but they could not (would not) give me much more than the standard 
>"caution" speech.    I would prefer information from 'official' sources, as 
>I am now requested to bring any information to the attention of my supervisor.

You will not get a more "official" source over the net than your
local department of health. There are no cases yet from your state,
but the deer mouse range extends throughout your state. The cautions
recommended here include the disposal of dead mice into a container
of 10% bleach. Personally, if I worked in closed spaces that
frequently have mice, I would wear a particulate mask and latex
gloves while working.

an unofficial source  

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