The Importance of Ebola

Alan C Gore softpc at
Sun May 14 10:03:21 EST 1995

>If Ebola  was to spread across the world and take out 90% of the
>popullation, I believe this could be a great benefit to man in the long
>run. Things are seemingly out of control these days with all the advancing
>technology and over popullation. With Ebola, man could have a good, new
>starting position were economy would begin to grow once again and the
>planet would have some time to rejuvinate itself from all our polluting
>and deforestation. I know it wouldn't take long for the the world to
>become crowded once again, but since the 10% of the survivors would be
>starting a new world with their advanced knowledge, maybe they could
>create a less destructive and self-centered way of life. Maybe they would
>finally respect the earth they survive off of and know that screwing with
>it will only bring them trouble (new diseases).

I could use the same facts to make a case for total human control of the 
natural environment. Note that Ebola broke out in a place where there is no 
aadvanced technology in use whatever: no asbestos, no pesticides, no nuclear 
power, no Freon. This is a place where man lives in exactly the primitive 
no-technology state that environmentalists promote for us all.

Pave the rainforest!

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