Ebola on nightline

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> > How can they say its unlikely to spread to the U.S? It wouldnt
> > surprise me in the least to find that someone is already on a

> How can they say it is unlikely to spread to the U.S.? Well, because it
> _is_ unlikely to spread to the U.S.! 
> About the only way I could think it could possibly be transmitted to the
> U.S. would be for an infected person to quickly jump on an international
> flight to the U.S. How many Africans can afford the airfare when their
> annual income if many times less then the cost of a ticket? The only other
> reasonable way, I would guess, for transmitting it would be for an
> infected foreign health care worker to jump on a international flight. It
> is my assumption, from past happenings, that such _possible_ infected
> health care workers (Or foreign nationals?) are evacuated with great care
> and usually placed in immediate quarantine... 

...and from the huge contingent of foreign journalists on the 
death-watch in Kikwit and Kinshasa, who seem to have no respect for 
or understanding of the word "quarantine" - and who the Zairean 
government is now apparently insiting on quarantining in their 
hotels/in the Hotel Intercontinental in Kinshasa.  Until, of course, 
they bribe their way out.

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