Why so few facts about ebola outbreak in Zaire?

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Sat May 13 01:40:36 EST 1995

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>Is there a WHO address where one can get more up
> to date news?

Yes. The page is at http://www.who.ch/, but updates are more frequent from
WHO and CDC through the Reuters wire service on AOL and eWorld.

You can also try the CDC home page at http://www.cdc.gov/, but it, too is
sketchy and slow to update.

One of the better updating pages is
http://www.bocklabs.wisc.edu/outbreak.html, which has done a very good job
of getting information out.

Other references include: http://www.bocklabs.wisc.edu/Welcome.html (the
World Wide Web Server for Virology), which offers daily updates;
http://www.bocklabs.wisc.edu/whatsnew.html, offers more news;
http://www.nando.net/newsroom/nt/world1.html (News and Observer Publishing
Company); gopher://info.umd.edu:926/77/Todays_News; and, finally
http://www.nando.net/newsroom/zairesources.html which has some pretty good
Ebola history and photo of the virus.

Jim Hyde
jhyde at netaxis.com

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