Lay/Expert Conflict - A Solution

Marla Brunker brunker at
Thu May 18 21:35:59 EST 1995

Aaron Delwiche <redwood at> writes:
>this time of public concern.  This medium has the potential to educate
>members of the lay public while allowing interested experts to know whhat
>the public is thinking and worrying about.  It will be tragic if experts
	No disrespect meant - it's nice you're thinking of a compromise
here - but y'know, if the experts in this were all that interested in what
the public thinks, they'd have gone into show business. Part of the charm
of the sciences is that your stock-in-trade is no-fooling, 
objective, honest-to-pete, mind-'o-the Almighty, uppercase T Truth - and
and public opinion doesn't have a thing to do with it.
(You know how theologians are always trying to dope out eternal verities?
Scientists actually find 'em. They just turn out to be stuff like the
Pythagorean Theorum).

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