prions and immune response

Sat May 20 08:24:39 EST 1995

To those still brave enough to wade through the Ebola posts:

I was thinking about prions and the ability of a host to generate an
immune response. Is there a detectable antibody titre in hosts which
have been exposed to the prion?
Technically, if the prion is really a rogue cellular peptide, it
would not ellicit an immune response since it would be auto-immune.
However, if the PrP (Sc) has a different conformation from the PrP
(C) as is speculated, would this provide sufficient epitomes of
"foreign" appearance for the humoral system to kick in.
This has very little to do with the nature of disease but I was
wondering about the immunological consequence. I realize the
amyloids appear in a priviledged site, but there's so much of it I
assume that there must be some making its way into the lymph and
making itself available for the old clonal selection game.
Not really sure why I thought of this??
Ciao, PJ Jardine

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