Dengue Fever Interview

Susan J Gagnon Grd sgagnon at umassmed.UMMED.EDU
Mon May 22 17:23:04 EST 1995

> My daughter (12) is doing a project on Dengue fever.  She would like to "interview" someone by e-mail.  
>Eg things like the history of the discovery, famous people who may have had the disease, areas where it 
>is most common, etc.  Grateful if anyone interested could e-mail.
>Peter Forsythe and Anna
>(similar query posted on Bionet.parasitology)

I currently work in a lab in which we study dengue virus, and I would
be happy to be "interviewed" by your daughter!  It's nice to see
young people interested in virology!!

Susan Gagnon  
sgagnon at

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