RNA extraction from liver biopsys

zhongzh at public.hr.hl.cn zhongzh at public.hr.hl.cn
Sat Feb 8 06:13:31 EST 1997

> Does anybody out there have experience of isolating RNA from liver
  > biopsies with minute amounts of starting material (~10mg). I would
  > like a reliable method of isolating total RNA for subsequent
  > detect HCV. If you have experience in this area I would really
  like > to hear from you. Regards Sharon

  Why don't you check Promega's Laboratory Protocol? 
  The traditional Guanidinium Thiocyanate Method works very well, but
  may save time by using commercial kit (Promega, Pharmacia...). 10 mg
  liver biopsys is enough for RNA extraction, and the extraction
  product can be used for mRNA purification. Other reference: Methods
  in Enzymology, Volume 152.  Best regards.  

  John Zhong

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