anti-flu hemagglutinin monocolonal?

Ian A. York iayork at
Mon Aug 10 11:21:50 EST 1998

I'm using 'flu hemagglutinin for tranfection control.  The monoclonal I
scrounged from the lab down the hall is running out, and I want to get a
hybridoma expressing a monoclonal with the following characteristics:
-anti-flu hemagglutinin
-recognizes several serotypes, specifically H1 and H2
-works in FACS, immunoprecipitation, and western blot

As I say, I want to get the hybridoma, not just the antibody, because I go
through a fair bit of this.

ATCC has something called 73/1, which was raised against H3.  It doesn't
seem to cross-react.

I'd settle for something that's only anti-H1, and that only worked in
FACS, but I'd prefer something with a broader range.

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