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*  A NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD director on Friday rejected 
   a unionization bid by a group of medical interns and 
   residents in Boston, citing previous board rulings that 
   interns and residents are primarily students, not employees. 

I thought I would toss out this tidbit from the e-mail version of the
Chronicle of Higher Education. A while back there was a thread on this
newsgroup about the pay of post-docs and whether or not a post-doc is a
"real" job/position or is primarily a training position. I thought folks
interested in that discussion might be interested in this ruling.

It seems to me that if interns and residents -- who do lots of the work in
hospitals -- are considered students, one might have a hard time arguing
from a legal stand point that a post-doctoral position is more than a
training position....

My 2 electrons,

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