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Muriel wrote:
>A big problem with the white on blue slides is that they fade over time.
>There's noting funnier than seeing someone present a talk with obviously
>old and obviously new slides! ML
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I guess you're all talking about diazo slides - blue film on which you can put 
white text.  In addition to them fading, they're also fairly dangerous to 
produce, as the chemicals involved are pretty nasty.  The botany dept. of 
the last uni I was at produced their diazos in-house, and we were actively 
discouraged from using them.  We were told that if we liked the white-on-blue 
contrast, we could make them up in Powerpoint and run them through the film 
recorder, which was fractionally more expensive but better for the health of 
our long-suffering photographics lab staff.  Diazos were only used when there 
wasn't time to process a slide through the film recorder.



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