Naive questions

luc moulinier moumou at
Tue Jun 13 09:13:24 EST 1995

Hello !!

        I just subscribe to this list two minutes ago. So maybe my
questions will be very naives, apology in advance.
                -  I'd like to select reflections at 3 sigmas cut-off
between 8 and 3 A resolution, and 5 sigmas cut-off between 3 and 2.7 A
resolution. How do I achieve that ?
                - I want to refine my B factors. I got a dimer in my
asymmetric unit, each consisting in one protein and one tRNA.  I just want
to refine the proteins atom's B factors. I didn't find a way using '
optimize bfactor' to select only my protein. How can I do ? (every protein
and tRNA have got a segid)

Again, sorry if these are naives questions


Luc Moulinier
tel: (+33) 88 65 33 14
UPR 9004 de Biologie Structurale du CNRS
fax: (+33) 88 65 32 01
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