X-PLOR dictionary generation for hetero-compounds

Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt GERARD at XRAY.BMC.UU.SE
Thu Jun 15 10:20:49 EST 1995

Dear X-PLOR user,

For those of you who are not O users and who still
want to use the programs and hetero-compound database
described in the June issue of the ESF/CCP4 Newsletter,
I have put them in a separate ftp area.  The README
file is attached below.

--Gerard Kleywegt
  Dept. of Molecular Biology
  Uppsala University

---------------------- 8< ------------------------------

950615 - Dictionaries for Hetero-compounds (O/X-PLOR)

See: GJ Kleywegt, "Dictionaries for Heteros",
ESF/CCP4 Newsletter, June 1995, pp. 45-50.

All files can be ftp-ed from rigel.bmc.uu.se
(, directory pub/heteros.

This directory contains the programs and files necessary
for generating X-PLOR and O dictionaries for hetero
entities.  These versions are intended for academic
users without an O license (please complete and return
the license form "license.txt" in the top ftp directory.
Licensed academic O-users may also download these files
from the O ftp server in Uppsala).  Non-academic users
should contact me for licensing information, *even* if
they already have a license for O (gerard at xray.bmc.uu.se).

NOTE: hetero.pdb.Z and het_dicts.Z are public domain
files, so even commercial users may download these

NOTE: there is currently no write-up for XPLO2D but
the programs tries to explain all of the input it
requires from you.

 370589 Jun 15 16:44 hetero.pdb.Z	the database of HETERO compounds
   1202 Jun 15 16:45 het_dicts.Z*	script to generate dictionaries

 399713 Jun 15 16:45 4d_moleman.Z*	MOLEMAN (O dictionaries), SGI
 285586 Jun 15 16:46 es_moleman.Z*	ditto, ESV
 224651 Jun 15 16:46 al_moleman.Z*	ditto, Dec Alpha/OSF1
  41295 Jun 15 16:47 moleman.man.Z	on-line documentation

 264067 Jun 15 16:45 4d_xplo2d.Z*	XPLO2D (X-PLOR dictionaries), SGI
 189639 Jun 15 16:46 es_xplo2d.Z*	ditto, ESV
 107039 Jun 15 16:46 al_xplo2d.Z*	ditto, Dec Alpha/OSF1

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