MGMS and RACI Meeting, Cairns, Australia (August 27 - Sept 1 1995)

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The information that follows is about the upcoming Molecular Graphics and
Modelling Society Meeting "Molecular Design Down Under". This year, the
MGMS meeting will be held in conjunction with the Royal Australian Chemical
Institute (Medicinal and Agricultural Chemistry Division) in Cairns on the
Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Late fees will be applicable if
registrations arrive at the conference secretariat after July 28.

For further information as it comes to hand please contact the web page on:

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Jenny Martin


          M O L E C U L A R   D E S I G N   D O W N   U N D E R

                     AUGUST 27 - SEPTEMBER 1 1995

                       CAIRNS INTERNATIONAL HOTEL,

This meeting is the 14th Annual Conference of the Molecular Graphics and
Modelling Society (MGMS) presented in 1995 in conjunction with the 12th
Conference of the Medicinal and Agricultural Chemistry Division of the
Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). 


The program consists of sessions covering five technology areas and five
target areas:

Chemical Similarity  and Biological Diversity
Keynote Speaker:   Dr. Jeffrey Blaney, Chiron Corporation, USA

Macromolecular Assemblies: the Supermodels of Molecular Design
Keynote speaker:   Dr. Phoebe Stewart, UCLA, USA

Neural Nets and Fuzzy Sets
Keynote speakers:  Dr. David Livingston, Consultant, UK
                   Dr. Gerry Maggiora, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, USA

Molecular Recognition
Keynote speakers:  Dr. Barry Honig, Columbia University, USA
                   Dr. Regine Bohacek, Ciba-Geigy, USA

Molecular Dynamics:  Deciphering the Data
Keynote Speaker:   Dr. David Osguthorpe, University of Bath, UK

Harnessing the Potential of Natural Products
Keynote speaker:   Dr. Joe Baker, Australian Institute of Marine Science,

The Future of Peptidomimetics
Keynote speaker:   Prof. Garland Marshall, Washington University, USA

Glycoproteins and Glycobiology- New Wave Pharmaceuticals
Keynote Speaker:   Dr. Peter Colman, Biomolecular Research Institute, Australia

Focus on Australian Biomolecular Design and Development- Medicinal Targets
Keynote Speaker:   Prof. Graham Johnston, University of Sydney, Australia

Focus on Australian Biomolecular Design and Development- Agricultural Targets
Keynote Speaker:   Dr. George Holan, CSIRO Division of Chemicals and Polymers


All sessions and functions will be held at the Cairns International Hotel
beginning with the Welcoming Cocktail Party on Sunday evening and
concluding Friday lunchtime.  A Cruise to the Great Barrier Reef has been
organized on Wednesday to be followed by a barbeque dinner in the evening.
The Conference Dinner will be held on Thursday evening.

The conference program includes oral and poster sessions.  The Organizing
Committee will select abstracts for oral presentation from the abstracts
submitted with the registration form.  Poster presentations are a major
component of the scientific program with poster sessions on Monday, Tuesday


Abstracts must be prepared for all presentations, both oral and poster.
The original must reach the Conference Secretariat as soon as possible for
inclusion in the book of Abstracts that will be provided at the meeting. 
Two (2) camera-ready hard copies of the abstract should also be provided in
following style:

-  printed on one side of A4 bond white paper
-  12pt Helvetica
-  3cm margin on all sides
-  title in upper case
-  author(s) (full name) with presenting author indicated by *
-  the addresses of the authors
-  a single blank line should follow after the title, the authors' list and
   authors' addresses
-  full abstract in single spaced text

All abstracts for oral presentation will be refereed.  Successful
presenters will be notified by early July.


Audiovisual facilities will include dual standard 35mm slide projection,
video and computer projection, overhead transparency projections and white
boards. Speakers with other needs should contact the Conference Secretariat
as soon as possible.


Posters will be presented on vertical, velcro-compatible panels 1 metre
wide by 2.4 metres high.  Posters may be viewed during the day but
presenters will attend their poster during the assigned poster sessions on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


A registration form follows.  Please complete the form and return  along
with your abstract and appropriate payment to the Conference Secretariat as
soon as possible.

Full registration entitles participants to the book of Abstracts,
attendance at all sessions including the Sunday Welcoming Cocktail Party.
The Wednesday evening BBQ and all morning and afternoon teas are also
included.  There are no single day registrations.

Registration Fees  (all prices are in Australian dollars: $1 = US$0.75)

Members (MGMS and RACI)                    $440
Non-members                                $520
Students                                   $220
Conference dinner (Thursday)               $50

Students are advised that they must complete the student section of the
registration form to qualify for student rate.  No registration fee will be
charged for accompanying persons.


Sessions will be held in the Grand Ballroon of the Cairns International
Hotel and poster sessions will be in the exhibition area and foyer outside
exhibition area.  A limited amount of accomodation has been reserved at
this 5-star hotel for the conference.  Check in is from 3pm.

Cost:  $175 per room, per night (max 2 adults/room)

Block bookings have also been made at 4 other Cairns hotels:

Reef Plaza:       $115 per night, per room  (4 min walk to conference venue)

Rainbow palms:    $115 per night, per room  (20 min walk to conference venue)

Rainbow Inn:      $115 per night, per room  (20 min walk to conference venue)

Uptop Downunder:  $45 per night, per room (max 4 adults/room)  (10 min walk to
                  conference venue)

The above accomodation prices are room only.

Delegates will be allocated their choice of room on a first come first served

This is the peak season in Cairns and there are extremely heavy demands on
accomodation in the city.  Delegates are requested to pay a deposit as soon
as possible to secure accomodation.  The above rates are only for
attendees and their partners and are only available if booked through the
registration form.


Average temperature in North Queensland in late August is 21 C.  Dress is
usually light and casual.  Hats, sunglasses and 15+ sunscreen are strongly
recommended for protection from the sun.

A valid passport with visa is required for entry into Australia by all
visitors except New Zealanders.

A variety of tours are available for accompanying persons.

The official language of the conference is English.


                     R E G I S T R A T I O N   F O R M


Name ____________________________________________________________________
      Surname                         Title   First name

Position _________________________________________________________________

Organization ______________________________________________________________

Postal Address ____________________________________________________________


               State/province     Postcode         Country

Telephone   Work __________________________  Home ________________________

Fax              __________________________  Email ________________________

Indicate membership         MGMS ____      RACI ____

Preferred name for badge ______________________  Surname: __________________

Name of accompanying person (if badge required) ____________________________

Special dietary requirements ________________________________________________


Please indicate your choice of hotel and room type

Cairns Internat Hotel __  Reef Plaza __     Reef Inn __      Uptop Downunder __
  $175/room/night         $115/room/night   $115/room/night  $45/room/night

Max 2 adults/room except Uptop Downunder which is 4/room

Room type    SINGLE __     TWIN SHARE __    DOUBLE __   4 SHARE __

Sharing with (if applicable) ________________________________________________

Arrival date _______ Aug 1995      Estimated arrival time  ______________

Number of nights accomodation required _______  Estimated departure date _____

NOTE:  Rooms will not be held after 6pm on arrival date unless hotel advised


I wish to submit and abstract    __ YES    __ NO

I would be prepared to make an oral presentation if selected  __ YES   __ NO

Abstracts for all presentations should be submitted with this registration form


                     Registration    After 28 July

MGMS/RACI Members        $440            $520             $ ___________

Non-members              $520            $600             $ ___________

Students                 $220            $300             $ ___________

Accomodation deposit (rate for 1 night)                   $ ___________

Conference dinner (31 August)   _____ tickets @ $50       $ ___________

Reef Cruise (30 August)         _____ tickets @ $110      $ ___________

(I am/am not interested in an introductory dive/certified dive)

Extra tickets for accompanying persons only (free for registrants)

Welcoming cocktail party (27 August)  ____ tickets @ $25  $ ___________

Tropical BBQ (30 August)              ____ tickets @ $25  $ ___________

TOTAL PAYMENT ENCLOSED                                    $ ___________

Payment to be made in Australian dollars by cheque or money order  drawn on
an Australian bank, PAYABLE TO:  "Molecular Design Down Under Conference"
and mailed to arrive at the following address by 15 May 1995

     Molecular Design Down Under Conference     Phone   +61 7 369 7866
     c/o Organizers Australia                   Fax     +61 7 367 1471
     PO Box 1237

Send email via Ruth Drinkwater, Centre for Drug Design and Development,
University of Queensland (R.Drinkwater at


I certify I am currently enrolled as a full-time student at ___________________

_______________________________ for a _________________________ degree course.

                                         Signature     ________________________

Supervisor's information

Name    ___________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________


Phone   _____________________________  Fax ___________________________

Email   _____________________________

                                  Supervisor's signature ______________________

The student accomodation to be provided by the RACI will be at "Uptop Downunder"


Dr Jenny Martin                                 J.Martin at
Centre for Drug Design and Development                  
University of Queensland                        Tel: + 61 7 365 4942
Brisbane QLD 4072 AUSTRALIA                     Fax: + 61 7 365 1990

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