How to reduce the postscript file size

Barani barani at
Sat Jun 24 12:59:39 EST 1995

        This is one method I know of:-

   There is a program called 'snapshot' in Si graphics
   (usually in /usr/sbin) that captures any portion of
   the window using the mouse and stores it as a 'rgb'
   file (red-green-blue file). This rgb file can be
   read by 'xview' (just like any other graphics file
   like GIF or postscript), and the picture can be
   reduced or enlarged. 'xview' also provides another
   option to save this new picture as another postscript
   file (or a GIF file or JPG file etc)  which can be
   printed directly using 'lpr'. 

   Do a 'man snapshot' before using it. 
   The right mouse gives the menu in 'xview'. 

   So, these three commands are useful:
   (1) snapshot  (2) xview  (3) lpr

    Good Luck!

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