how to reduce the size of a postscript file?

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Sat Jun 24 13:44:40 EST 1995

On 23 Jun 1995 08:28:07 -0700 DING at OCELOT.RUTGERS.EDU pontificated:
> One of postdoctor in our lab has a question.  She wants to reduce
>  the Ramachandran plots produced using PROCHECK to a smaller size
> which can be fit into her thesis.  Does anyone know any tools or
> programs which have this kind of function.

One approach I've used for scaling PostScript files is the combination
of 'ghostscript' and 'xfig'; the former comes with a script named 'ps2epsi'
which "encapsulates" a PostScript file.  Then 'xfig' can be used to both
scale and position the plot as an EPS Object; a great way to combine
PostScript output for different sources into a single figure.  Note that
it is possible to convert a PS file into an EPS file by hand editing, but
without the "preview" bitmap of an EPSI file; see the excellent FAQ from
comp.lang.postscript, available at, for more information.

There's also a package called 'mpage' which allows combining multiple
full page PostScript onto one page; I've seen recommendations for it,
but haven't used it myself.

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