How to get .psf

Xiucai Liu xcl at IRIS.LSC.PKU.EDU.CN
Wed May 1 20:26:06 EST 1996

Could anyone give me the method to convert .pdb to .psf ?
This "pep".pdb is produced by Biosym/Builder. Unfortunately I do not have 
QUNTA. I have tried to edit the generate.inp to set up nonstandard amino acid
in my peptide and change the .pdb form of Biosym to the form of xplor. 
But the generate.out showed:

 %SEGMENT-ERR: unrecognized command:
 ATOM      1 N     DAB     1      7.678   2.800   3.325  1.00 15.00 
 %SEGMENT-ERR: unrecognized command:
 ATOM      8 C     THR     2      3.634   0.515   1.523  0.00  0.00 

I want to know what means by "%SEGMENT-ERR..."

Thank you so much,
                                       YUAN Yue
                                       e-mail :xcl at

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