rfree problem

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On May 9, 11:27pm, lxz at IRIS.lsc.pku.edu.cn wrote:
> Subject: rfree problem
> Thank Mr. Gerard for his kindly advice to my rfree problem.
> As he said, It seems foolish and useless to try and fudge rfree.
> When I found some low rfree appeared during slow cool, I just
> thought the MD had deviated from the correct way. Now I realize
> it isn't so. Perhap the quality of my data is not good.
> I have checked my model using TURBO_FRODO and found the backbone is
> consistent with electron density map, some side chains have no
> corresponding desities. The r-factor has been decreased to 0.189
> but rfree is 0.330. I don't know how to continue the refinement
> to get lower rfree. Any suggestion?
> Xiaozhou Liu
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	Try to use SA_Omit map locate side chains.


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