Will X-PLOR run on R10000?

Dave Schuller schuller at indigo1.biomol.uci.edu
Wed May 15 12:32:29 EST 1996

here are some results for the PROTIN/PROLSQ crystallographic benchmark,
which can be found at:

machine			time in seconds for large PROLSQ test
Digital 8400, 8 CPU	124
Digital 8400, 6 CPU	138
Digital 8400, 4 CPU	176
SGI R8000,    6 CPU	219  (the top SGI machine listed)
Digital 2100, 4 CPU	235
SGI R8000,    4 CPU	282

sorry, listings for CPU clock speeds is not complete.  All of the Digital
machines listed above have the 21164 chip.  Doesn't appear anyone has
submitted times for an R10000 chip yet.

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