Will X-PLOR run on R10000?

Dave Schuller schuller at indigo1.biomol.uci.edu
Wed May 15 11:17:38 EST 1996

>  leech at cs.unc.edu (Jon Leech) message <4nbqqr$84h at watt.cs.unc.edu>
>    <a href="http://www.sissa.it/furio/Mdbnch/results.txt">MDBNCH results</a>
> show a 195 MHz R10000 Power Challenge running nearly twice as fast as a 266
> MHz EV5 Alpha.

I cry foul!

That 195 MHz R10000 is in a Power Challenge; a multi-processor
model line which can be configured with up to 36 processors.  I can find no
indication on the referenced web page as to how many CPU's the test machine
contained.  Moreover, the times reported are CPU times, not wall-clock times.
on multi-processor machines, even if the main program runs on 1 CPU, support
tasks such as disk I/O may run on other processors and not be counted in the
total.  Also, no mention is made of amount of RAM, presence of RAMdisks,
etc on the tested machines which might influence results.

by contrast, the Digital machine listed is a single CPU workstation which I
could get very nicely configured for under US$ 25K with my university
discount. If you want a similar machine to compare to the Power Challenge,
try the 8400 server, or even the new Alphaserver 4000 line.  Otherwise,
the appropriate SGI machine to compare to Digital's Alphastation 600
(which is also available in a 333 MHz version) might be the Indigo R10000.
I do not find a listing for that machine in the table.

BTW, the chip in the Alphastation 600 is the 21164, not the 21064.

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