Will X-PLOR run on R10000?

Omar G. Stradella omar at boston.sgi.com
Mon May 20 11:38:58 EST 1996

marilyn yoder wrote:
> SGI's may be 'graphics machines', but they also do a very nice job on
> compute-intensive processes.  and there is no way i'm going to maintain a
> hetergeneous workstation environment if i don't have too.  i have limited
> resources for such.
> marilyn yoder


You are right. People who still think that our machines are only for 
graphics, are out of touch with reality. 

To answer your question, R4400 or R8000 versions of X-PLOR run on R10000
machines. I'm working at optimizing the code for R10000 processors right


> >In article <9605141043.ZM14623 at viewer.bls.umkc.edu>, "marilyn yoder" wrote:
> >>We are in the proccess of puchasing an
> >> Indigo2 Solid Immpact computer.  It will
> >>initially have an R4400 chip.  We're considering
> >>purchasing an upgrade to the R10000 chip.
> >>
> >>Will X-PLOR run on the R10000 chip?
> >
> >Why do people use SGIs for compute-intensive processes?  They are graphics
> >machines.
> >R10000 is awfully slow.  Get yourself a DEC Alpha.
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