Yu Wai Chen ywc at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Wed Apr 5 03:41:36 EST 2000

> We are using the old x-plor version 3.1.  We recently
> measured synchrotron data at a wavelength ~ 1A.
> We do not think this should make any difference
> in the x-plor calculations and we did not
> find also any place to specify the wavelength.

Wavelength is required in data processing stage only, certainly not in
X-PLOR calculations.

> We do not get the correct molecular replacement
> results and we were wondering if we have any mistake
> in the x-plor calculations (in the wavelength
> area).

What resolution range did you use?  You should avoid using too high
resolution in MR.  Depending on your starting model, the more different
it is to your expected structure, the lower the highest resolution
cutoff you use in MR.  I would say people usually use up to 2.5/3 A as
highest resolution in MR.  If you have 1A data, why don't you try direct

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