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Greetings Fellow Internet Business Owner!  

We recently recieved word that you may be interested in business 
tools and Internet marketing.  We would like to keep you updated 
on the latest eCommerce developments to help you with your
online business, in addition to sending you free information 
products from our company and special promotional deals on new 
offerings.  However, we recognize that your name may have appeared 
on this list in error.  If so, you may remove yourself immediately 
by replying to this email with the word "unsubscribe" in the 
subject heading.  In an effort to help prevent spam, we are sending 
you this introductory email before sending any issues of our 
business marketing newsletter or notices about special deals on 
our products so that you have a chance to remove yourself before 
recieving any unsolicited emails.

Thank you,

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