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Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual
NMR: Drug Discovery and Design Conference – Post-Genomic Analysis
October 24-26, 2000 • McLean Virginia

Followed by CHI’s Second Annual Protein Structure Conference (October
26-27, McLean Virginia)

Scientific Advisors:
Dr.Gaetano Montelione, Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine;
Rutgers University
Dr. Jonathan Moore, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Nuclear magnetic resonance has been a powerful tool for characterizing
the structures of organic and biochemical compounds. Advances in protein

NMR continue to push forward the boundaries of biomolecular analysis,
with recent breakthroughs for membrane proteins. The past year has seen
significant advances in NMR analysis from a broad array of disciplines –

progress in the size of systems to be studied and the accuracy with
which structures can be determined. Solid-state NMR is undergoing rapid
expansion, and rational design of high-affinity ligands and screening of

synthetic and natural molecular libraries are increasingly realistic
goals. NMR is both a complementary technology to X-ray crystallography
and an important tool on its own.

Potential topics include novel developments and new methods for:
Hardware and technical issues of NMR
Hyphenated techniques (NMR and chromatography or mass spectrometry) •
Pulse sequences • Probes • Labels
Automated sample preparation
Small Molecules • High-Throughput Screening • Combinatorial Libraries •
Drug Metabolism • Toxicology  • Macromolecules • Membrane Proteins •
Protein Ligand Binding • Protein/Structure/Function • Biopolymers

For more information, please contact:

Cambridge Healthtech Institute
1037 Chestnut Street
Newton Upper Falls, MA  02464
Phone:  617-630-1300
Fax:  617-630-1325

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