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Remember the first time you built a web site?  You stayed up 
into the early morning working it out so that it would be just 
perfect. Then, you were finally done and you sat back and 
thought, "The world is Good." 

After that you dreamed of all the visitors your site would have, 
how they would all see your ad, and buy your product. And then 
it hit you, like a ton of bricks....How the hell was anyone going 
to find your web site? 

You thought about it for a while and eventually thought you had 
the answer....submit your site to the search engines. But after 
you submitted your site, you checked for it and couldn't find it. 

So you waited a few days.....and still nothing.... 

You couldn't even find your site if you looked up your own 

Then, you got discouraged....after all that hard work 

And this is where most people give up.....but you're not
a quitter. You know that many website owners are making
six figures online, and you want to know how.  I can help. 

I am going to give you the tools you need to make your web site 
a success. 

How would you like to draw 1000 visitors per day to your site 
WITHOUT spending a fortune in advertising costs?!  It can 
happen. Here's how: 

Over 92% of Internet users find what they are looking for by 
using the major search engines.  So, you need to get a HIGH 
RANKING on the major search engines if you want thousands 
of hits each day.  The problem is, hundreds of your competitors 
are ALSO trying to achieve a high search ranking.  Each of you 
knows that your site must appear on the first page of the search 
results to get huge amounts of traffic... 

So, who wins the battle?  The person with the most knowledge!

And that is exactly what I am going to sell you: knowledge.  I 
will teach you how each search engine works, how to write 
simple META tags that catapult you to the top of the search 
engines, how to use "doorway" pages to target specific 
keywords and specific search engines, how to improve your site 
for maximum search engine visibility, and how to beat your 
competition with tons of simple but extremely effective search 
engine tricks! 

No matter how big the company, NO ONE can pay for high 
search engine rankings. The only way to get a high ranking is 
through KNOWLEDGE! 

If you are tired of being lost in search results and having your 
competition always come out on top, and if you're looking for a 
way to catapult your search engine position RIGHT TO THE 
TOP in under a week with no costs whatsoever, then you need 
to read "Search Engine Magic"! 

Topics Covered: Search Engine Magic Home Study Course

Part I: The Basics 

  Lesson #1: How search engines work
  Lesson #2: The difference between search engines and 
  Lesson #3: What makes a search engine better?
  Lesson #4: Is search engine size important to you?
  Lesson #5: Full-text search engines
  Lesson #6: How do robots and spiders read & index URLs?
  Lesson #7: Web page ranking

Part II: How to Write Webpages that Achieve Top Listings 

  Lesson #1: What is HTML? 
  Lesson #2: Domain names, sub-sites, and pages (URLs) 
  Lesson #3: Writing titles and descriptions with search engines in 
  Lesson #4: Building your page titles and subtitles 
  Lesson #5: Keywords -- what are they and why do you need 
  Lesson #6: How to make a good keyword selection 
  Lesson #7: Use of plurals in your keywords 
  Lesson #8: Adding your competitors names and products 
  Lesson #9: Is keyword repetition good or bad? 
  Lesson #10: What are meta-tags and which engines support 
  Lesson #11: Relevancy booster and link popularity 

Part III: Advanced. How to Catapult Your Search Ranking! 

  Lesson #1: Choosing a Strategy: The Hitman Approach vs. The 
             Shotgun Approach 
  Lesson #2: Picking the Right Keywords 
  Lesson #3: Getting Multiple Listings on the Same Search 
  Lesson #4: The Secrets of Meta Tags 
  Lesson #5: Title Stacking 
  Lesson #6: Keyword packing 
  Lesson #7: The Alt Tag secret

Read any book about online advertising and you will find
that the cheapest and easiest way to attract customers to 
your website is to get top search engine listings.  Some 
businesses exist SOLELY on the basis of their search engine
placement and never pay one cent in advertising fees - these
companies draw thousands, even tens of thousands of visitors
each day because of their high search ranking.  Best of all,
you don't have to be a big corporation to get high search 
listings - in fact, the tiniest individual website can often
outrank huge sites like Yahoo and Microsoft!!  Why? Because
search engine placement has nothing to do with the size of
your company or your advertising budget - it have EVERYTHING
to do with what you know about the individual search engines
and how they work.  I am going to teach you the "inside secrets"
of each major search engine and show you how to design your 
website to rank in the first or second page of search results.

So what is the value of this information?  Well, some consultants
would charge you thousands of dollars to improve your search
results, but I am selling this complete course for only $19.99!

ORDER NOW for only $19.99 and learn how to boost your
website to the first page of the search results in 
under a week!  Plus, if you order within 10 days, we 
will include a FREE copy of our best-selling Wholesale
Directory with a listing of millions of wholsale suppliers!

Click on the link below to pay with a Visa or Mastercard. 
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"Search Engine Magic"
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