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Tue Mar 25 19:05:31 EST 2003

The 2003 NSLS user meeting will feature a workshop entitled

                 BIO-MATTERS: from IR to X-rays 

                          May 21, 2003

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the contributions of different
Synchrotron based techniques from the infrared to hard X-rays to the
understanding of bio-molecular structures and function. 

Workshop participants are encouraged to present their work in poster format.
Ample time for discussions is being provided. Poster boards (36 x 48 inches
or 110 x 90 cm) will be available at the location of the workshop to those
who advise the organizing committee before May 14th 

The program and how to register can be found at:


Wolfgang Caliebe, Vivian Stojanoff

Vivian Stojanoff
National Synchrotron light Source
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Bldg 725D
Upton, NY 11973 USA
Email: stojanof at; stojanof at
phone: +1 631 344 8375
fax:   +1 631 344 3238

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