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Crystallography Newsgroup on the Internet

Lachlan Cranswick lachlan at dmp.csiro.au
Mon Jan 3 00:53:08 EST 1994

Followup posts hopefully going to sci.techniques.xtallography.


Internet Crystallgraphy Newsgroup - sci.techniques.xtallography

1. Introduction
2. Etiquette
3. Charter
4. Posting articles via email
5. Reading the newsgroup via gopher
6. Archive of posts (in email format) available via anonymous ftp.


This is semi-regular post to announce the existence of a crystallography
newsgroup on the internet called sci.techniques.xtallography.
As some people mentioned that the term "xtallography" might
be missed by interested users searching for "crystallography",
this is intended to be a regular posting for the short term to raise
awareness of its existence.  I hope the participants of the other science
newsgroups do not mind this.

(Could people please pass this on to colleagues who might be interested
or benefit from this newsgroup.)


The main aim of sci.techniques.xtallography 
is to provide an open, easily accessible,
electronic conferencing system or bulletin board for the
crystallographic community on the internet.  The newsgroups (in
theory) allow queries and discussion to take place in days to weeks,
that would take months to years (or not at all) on conventional paper
journals.  Opportunities for informal discussion and exchange of
information and opinions that might only occur at international
conferences can routinely take place on the internet newsgroups.

Participants are welcome and encouraged to browse, read, follow-on,
post, and use this newsgroup as an information server, discussion area
and electronic conferencing system to its maximum advantage.  Being an
unmoderated newsgroup, no one owns or runs this newsgroup so.  Thus
participants should feel uninhibited to freely use this crystallographic
discussion forum.

It is requested that most of the posts and discussion on this newsgroup
occur in a mature and constructive fashion.  Encouraging
politeness and courtesy on this newsgroup provides the best chance
of it serving crystallographers and others who would like to use
this newsgroup as a scientific resource and discussion area.



Following is part of the original charter for this newsgroup written up 
during the newsgroup creation process.  The main emphasis being 
that this newsgroup is a discussion area for anything relevant to the 
scientific discipline of crystallography.

It should be noted that concerns have been raised about participants
avoiding the peer-review process by publishing structures on this
discussion area that might be incorporated into crystallographic 
databases.  As around two out of five submitted structures have problems 
or errors, it is thus recommended that this newsgroup not be used to 
publish raw results and data that would normally go via the peer-review 

Topics for discussion include:

Powder diffraction (neutron/X-rays)
Single crystal diffraction
Electron diffraction
Crystal Structure determination
Structure determination
Rietveld Refinement
Data formats
Hardware/Equipment - specs, alignment, opinions, etc.
Phase Identification - search match software/techniques/....
Discussion of complementary/confirmatory  techniques :-
         e.g.:- SEM, XRF, MicroProbe, AFM, STM, Optical Microscopy......
Applications to the fields of Mineralogy, Geology, 
         Physics, Chemistry, Industry, etc.
Announcements/reviews of papers/conferences.
Preparation techniques.
Non-ambient techniques (high-pressure/temperature/??)
Discussion on the accuracy/validity of various structures
         and reference patterns.
General Discussion/opinions/questions.
Synchrotron radiation
Positions vacant
Crystallographic texture determination
Biological crystallography and applications
TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy)
Structural analysis of disordered (i.e. amorphous) materials.

Anything else that is relevant to crystallography in general.


It is possible to post to this newsgroup via email by emailing
articles to :-

sci.techniques.xtallography.usenet at decwrl.dec.com

Everything else, such as title, and message text should be
done as per a normal email message.


It is also possible to read newsgroup articles by gopher server using
the following commands.  This can also be of benefit if a local
newserver has died.

gopher merlot.welch.jhu.edu

16   Usenet News and FAQs

4    Read USENET News Groups

87   sci

49   techniques

1    xtallography


A manual archive of posts to this newsgroup in email format is
regularly updated and available by anonymous ftp at


or emailing Lachlan Cranswick (lachlan at dmp.csiro.au) to
have a copy emailed out.


Comments, queries, criticisms and suggestions are welcome as either 
followons to this post or via email.

Lachlan Cranswick (lachlan at dmp.csiro.au)

Lachlan Cranswick  -  CSIRO     _--_|\  lachlan at dmp.CSIRO.AU 
Division of Mineral Products   /      \ tel +61 3 647 0367 
PO Box 124, Port Melbourne     \_.--._/ fax +61 3 646 3223 
3207 AUSTRALIA                       v    

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