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O tutorial

Gerard Kleijwegt gerard at rigel.bmc.uu.se
Tue Jan 25 13:51:15 EST 1994

Several people have asked me about the forthcoming O tutorial.
It is currently undergoing "beta-testing" by a group of
students without knowledge of Unix, O or even proteins.
I'm learning from this as well and will make some changes
to the tutorial before releasing it.
After that I shall put it on the Uppsala ftp server.  I will
announce this both here and on the O-info mail server.

A sneak preview of the contents:

In CHAPTER 1 you'll learn how to run O, how to create
a new database, how to import a molecule, how to
display a molecule and how to save your database.

In CHAPTER 2 you will learn about properties of molecules,
residues and atoms, and how to use them for colouring
your molecules.

In CHAPTER 3 you will learn how to use and customise
the O menu and how to change some of the default
settings of the program.

In CHAPTER 4 you will learn how to create and use

In CHAPTER 5 you will learn how to superimpose the
structures of two similar proteins and how to
quantify their similarity.

In CHAPTER 6 you will learn how to handle maps by
generating and inspecting different representations
of a protein's surface.

In CHAPTER 7 you will learn how to do simple
quantitative and qualitative analyses of (protein)
structures (includes some "quality control").

In CHAPTER 8 you will learn how to mutate a
protein, how to change a structure and how to
reconstruct a protein from a set of Ca coordinates.

In CHAPTER 9 you will learn more about generating
pretty and informative pictures.

CHAPTER 10 contains the following:
- index of O commands discussed in the tutorial
- inverted index
- frequently asked questions (plus answers)
- macros
- other O commands
- datablocks

Even seasoned O wizards may find a thing or
two in the tutorial they didn't know about !


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