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Molecular Graphics Packages

Didier J. Vanderveken vdvk at netcom.com
Thu Mar 31 00:45:03 EST 1994

This is a list of molecular graphics packages.

Thanks to those who replied to my query. 
The format of the database is like a mailbox.
You can read it with your email program.

The list is far to be complete. If you wish to add a new entry
or to complete an existing one, please send me the attached form.
I would like to limit my job to the merging of all emails.
Anonymous posting will not be accepted and your email
address will appear in the database. 

The subject line should be the type of computer (UNIX, PC, Mac) and
the name of the program, like: UNIX MyProgram 

Feel free to remove a line or to duplicate a line. Each line must start
with one of the defined keyword. Don't use tabs.
If you would like to see more keywords,
send me a separate email. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Program_Version: latest version available
Program_Date: date of the latest version 
Topic: simple_molecule, drug, crystal, polymer, protein, inorganic, ...
Bibliographic_Ref: If you published an article about your program
Input_Format: PDB, CSD, ORTEP, XYZ, MOPAC, ...
Output_Format: PDB, CSD, ORTEP, XYZ, ...
Molecular_Model: wire, stick, stick_and_ball, CPK, ribbon, alpha_trace, ...
Output_Type: display, PostScript, HPGL, PICT, GIF, ...
Operating_System: Unix, Mac, MSDOS, Windows, ...
Computer_Type: IBM RS/6000, SGI Indigo, ...
Hardware_Requested: dials, coprocessor, ...
Hardware_Supported: stereo_display, special input devices, ...
Graphic_Library: GL, PHIGS, X11, ...
Distribution_Method: public_domain, freeware, shareware, commercial, ...
Contact_Phone: +1-234-567-8901 (international number of the headquarters)
The easiest way to view the list of molecular graphics packages is to use gopher:
  gopher infomeister.osc.edu
Choose Other OSC Gophers, then Chemistry, then documents, and then
Since the file conforms to the UNIX mailbox format, you can view it
by Subjects.

You can also retrieve the whole file via ftp:
  ftp infomeister.osc.edu
  Name: anonymous
  Password: Your_True_E-mail_Address
  ftp> cd pub/chemistry/documents
  ftp> get molecular_graphics_packages
  ftp> quit

For people without ftp access, you can still get it via e-mail.
If you want to preserve the mailbox format, you need to uuencode it
(i.e., use the command: get molecular_graphics_packages | uuencode)
since the email will change every From ???@??? line to >From ???@???.
You can also use the editor to clean this up. So, if you want to get this
via e-mail send the message:
   select chemistry
   size 60kb
   cd documents
   get molecular_graphics_packages

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