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Fri Feb 10 18:29:16 EST 1995


> Could someone point me to the current version of the list of 
> crystallographers' Email addresses?  Thanks!

Here is an excerpt from the current version of the list (9/94) on how
to get a copy:

!     The crystallographic address list is now available both by ftp
from the
!Protein Data Bank computer and by email message to the fileserver at
!FTP (file transfer protocol) Procedure: Issue the command: ftp

!or ftp 130password> your last name or your userid if different
!FTP is highly individual (different from a Mac, SG, RISC, ULTRIX or
!machine). To get to the Address_list subdirectory the public files,
type some
!combination of:
!                        ftp> cd crystallographer_info
!                        ftp> get crystlist.adr
!                        ftp> cd "crystallographer_info" (or set def
!                        ftp> get "crystlist.adr"
!If you type dir or perhaps ls, you can see what .ann files are
!These are the announcements for crystallographers. Get the ones you
want from
!the list using the procedures above for your machine.
!FILESERV Procedure:
!Simply send a mail message to the internet address
netserv at EMBL-heidelberg.de.

!In the subject heading (Subj:), type get xray:crystlist.adr. You will
!by return email a copy of the crystallographic address list.
!GOPHER Procedure for searching the list: Point your gopher client at
!merlot.welch.jhu.edu and select the following directories:
!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+!-->  15. Searching For Biologists/
This is a distribution list of crystallographers and allied scientists.
! -->  10. E-mail Addresses of Crystallographers/
!Where you'll see:
! -->  1.  About The Crystallographers E-Mail Directory. 
!      2.  Browse E-mail Addresses of Crystallographers/ 
!      3.  Browse E-mail Addresses of Crystallographers by Country/
!      4.  Search E-mail Addresses of Crystallographers <?>
!You may search the whole list using booleans  (and, or, not), phrase
!searches ("   ") and wildcards (*).  You may also browse by country
!or browse the whole list if you'd like.

Hope this helps
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