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CrystalDesigner DR5, a tool for building and visualising crystal structures

Arve Holt arve.holt at crystaldesigner.no
Thu Aug 22 07:04:50 EST 1996

Oslo, August, 1996.  Crystal Structure Design AS is proud to announce that
CrystalDesigner Developer Release 5 (CrystalDesigner DR5) is now

CrystalDesigner is a tool for building, studying and visualising all kinds
of crystal structure on the Macintosh platform. CrystalDesigner is an
ideal tool for both teaching and scientific studies. The software is
intended to be used by students and teachers at colleges and universities,
as well as in industrial research.

More information and the full version of CrystalDesigner DR5 are available
through Internet by visiting the home page of CrystalDesigner at 
<http://www.crystaldesigner.no> or by sending 
<mailto:info at crystaldesigner.no>. The CrystalDesigner DR5 can also be
downloaded directly from  <ftp://ftp.crystaldesigner.no/>. 

Please note that in order to take advantage of the possibility to export
and import of crystal structure data and graphics, it is necessary to have
a commercial software license.  Yes, you can save your own entered data
with the free version.

More about CrystalDesigner:
You can enter crystal structure data inside the program or import them
from CIF files. Entering data inside a crystallography program has never
been easier.  All 230 space groups from the "International Tables for
Crystallography" and more than 700 different atomic, covalent and ionic
radii are built into the program.

The crystal structure can be viewed in four different ways; as unit cells
or multiples of it; as a plane with a user defined thickness; by
coordination around a selected atom within a user defined ratio; or as a
molecule defined by the atom positions. All are done in separate graph

The atoms in the drawing may alternatively be viewed as points, circles or
spheres. Bonds between atoms can be created and viewed as lines or
cylinders. Groups of atoms can alternatively be viewed as polyhedra. 

The program requires System 7 or higher, 2.5 MB available memory, 4 MB
free hard disk space, and a Macintosh with a 68020 CPU or higher.
Accelerated for Power Macintosh.

What¹s new in CrystalDesigner DR5
- Import/export of crystal structure data in CIF format  
- Support for drawing molecules, a new graph view has been added
- The new Molecule View auto-generates bonds on creation
- Support for rotation around a user defined centre
- Calculation of torsion angels
- Support for negative fractional numbers when entering the atom positions

- Improved and faster colour shading support
- Support for fractional numbers when setting the size of a unit cell view 
- Better labelling of atoms
- If a plane is parallel with any of the crystal system axes, you may now
enter any 
  positive number defining the number of unit cells in the current direction. 
- Full control over the criterion for how a bond or a polyheder are defined. 
- Support for changing the colour of the framework lines

Crystal Structure Design AS

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