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Sergei Simakov simakov at sim.spb.ru
Tue Apr 22 02:27:00 EST 1997

Dear Sears,
We offer high-quality and cheap LOMO polarization aggregate operative
microscope POLAM R-211. The features and quality of this microscopes
correspond to Zeis and Leika models for $3000 to $5000. It has been
devised for studies of crystal and other transparent objects in transit
(ordinary and polarizated) light within ortoscopic and conoscopic ray flow.
The microscope is used for mass studies in mineralogy, petrography,
crystallography as well as in biochemistry, chemistry, medicine and other
fields of science and technology. Taking the pictures of the objects under
examination is possible with the aid microphotographical head, which provides
binocular viewing (200 $US). Total price of the microscope (without
microphotographical head) is 1800 $US. Digital photos of the model is available.

Sergei Simakov
simakov at sim.spb.ruš
simakov at vap.usr.pu.ruš

                         FEATURES OF THE MICROSCOPE
  Superimposed top lights are replaced by the lighting system built-in into
basis which increases the relability and shortens the time of lighting adjustment.
  The tweezers for changing objects are replaced by a five-slot revolving device
with centered slots which makes the operation more comfortable and shortens the
time of the microscope adjustment.
  A new condenser has been introduced securing a more comfortable and fast
switching over of the diaphragms and their reliable centering when working with
the "focal screeming" technique.
  The microscope is supplied with set of object lenses-planachromates and compensating
eyepieces which improves the quality of image in the device.

                           TECHNICAL  SPECIFICATIONS
Magnification microscope  - 19-720
Magnification of the object lenses  - 2.5; 10; 25; 40; 60.
Magnification of the eye-pieces     -   6.3; 10.
Increment of intermediate tubus     -   1.2.
Condenser aperture                  - 0.85.
Minimal size of conoscopic grain    - 0.017 mm.
      Single grade value in the scales:
mechanism of micrometric focusing   - 0.002 mm.
polarizer                           - 5 deg.
analyzer                            - 2 deg.
limb of the object shelf            - 1 deg.
      Single grade value of the noniuses (verniers):
 object shelf (min)                 - 6.
analyzer (min)                      - 6.
Source of light                     - indicandescent lamp (9V, 70 W).
(Electric power for the lamp - A.C. 220 V, 50 Hz via a unified power
source "Granat")
Size                                - 510x460x200 mm.
Mass                                - 8.5 kg.

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