anything that kills bacteria but not yeast?

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Wed Sep 8 23:09:47 EST 1993

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>:     Is there any agent that can be put in media which will discourage
>: bacterial growth, but won't bother yeast? If you know of anything like
>: that, please email mlevin at
>a good question for bionet.molbio.yeast!  :-)
>low pH might be your answer ... I will let others send in their favorite
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low pH is good to discourage bacterial growth. How about the classical
SDA (or Saubaroud Dextrose Broth or Agar)? Low in pH to discourage
bacteria growth and has dextrose which some bacteria are
not able to ferment. 
     I have a questions for the yeasters abounding out there.  I'm
trying to characterize the adhesion proteins/antigens for candida
albicans using antibodies specific to mannans. I have to somehow
get these mannan antibodies to work with an electron microscope.
Has anybody tried protein a coated colloidal gold? Previous
experiences would be greatly appreciated!

thanks much
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