SGD/CD-ROM Questionnaire

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Jun 1 01:40:04 EST 1995

The following letter and Questionnaire was sent to everyone that
received the SGD CD-ROM via postal mail.  Please use this text version
of the Questionnaire instead of the paper version and e-mail it back
to: yeast-curator at

Everyone is welcome to answer this questionnaire even if you did not
seen the CD-ROM, there are questions about the WWW server, too.


Saccharomyces Genome Database

May 25, 1995

Dear Colleague,

    The Saccharomyces Genome Project recently sent you a CD-ROM
containing the first public release of the SacchDB database (version
2.3). We are pleased to announce the release of the second publicly
available version of the database (2.4). The new version is available
"on-line" via World Wide Web, Gopher and FTP. Connection and
downloading information, along with a partial list of the contents of
the new version, are on the back of this sheet.

    Please note that SacchDB 2.4 will not be released on CD-ROM, so if
you have not yet taken the time to explore any of the on-line versions
of the database, now is the time to do so.  In addition to the
quarterly releases, the World Wide Web and Gopher versions of the
database are updated about every week.  Since the release of SacchDB
2.3 in January, the network versions have been updated 10 times.

    We are currently in the process of setting priorities for the
continuation of the SGD project. One question of particular importance
is whether future issues of the database will be released on CD-ROM,
and if so with what frequency. In order that we may have the input of
the yeast researchers that this database is intended to serve, we are
asking that you take a few minutes to fill out the enclosed
questionnaire. Please send your answers via FAX to 415-723-7016 or by
postal mail using the enclosed label. We are interested in any
suggestions, comments or questions you might have. Please use
additional pages if necessary.

Thank you for your help.

The SGD Project: Mike Cherry, Caroline Adler, Cathy Ball, Karen Davis,
Barbara Dunn, Selina Dwight, Rita Schmidt, Mark Schroeder and David

Saccharomyces Genome Database
SacchDB/CD-ROM Questionnaire

Your Name (optional):


Street Address:

City/State/Country/Postal Code:

e-mail Address:

1.      Did you receive the SacchDB CD-ROM?
        (Please circle the appropriate answer) [Yes:No]

(if answer is "No," skip to 4a)

2a.     Have you accessed the SacchDB database on the CD-ROM? [Yes:No]
        2b.  Yourself: ____ times per _____ 
        2c.  Members of your lab:____ times per _____

3a.     Have you used any of the other features of the CD-ROM (i.e.,
          the Tables of Gene
        Information, Genome Sequencing Results, Documentation, Network
          Tools)?  [Yes:No]
        3b.  Yourself: ____ times per _____
        3c.  Members of your lab: ____ times per _____
        3d.  Which of the additional features were useful to you?

        3e.  Which do you expect to be useful in the future?

4a.     Were you aware that you can access SGD via World Wide Web
         (WWW)?  [Yes:No]
        4b.  Have you ever accessed SacchDB via WWW?  [Yes:No]
        4c.  Yourself: ____ times per _____ 
        4d.  Members of your lab: ____ times per_____
        4e.  Do you use: Netscape ___, NCSA Mosaic ___, lynx ___, 
             Other __________________

5a.     Were you aware that you can access SGD via Gopher?  [Yes:No]
        (If "No," skip to 6a)
        5b.  Have you ever accessed SGD via Gopher?  [Yes:No]
        5c.  Yourself: ____ times per _____
        5d.  Members of your lab: ____ times per _____

6a.     Were you aware that you can retrieve files from SGD via
         Anonymous FTP?  [Yes:No]
        (If "No," please skip to 7a)
        6b.  Have you ever accessed SGD via FTP?  [Yes:No]
        6c.  Yourself: ____ times per _____ 
        6d.  Members of your lab: ____ times per _____

**If you have never used any form of SGD or SacchDB, please skip to 13a**

7a.     Have you found SGD/SacchDB to be useful?  [Yes:No]
        7b.  In what way(s) was it useful?

        7c.  In what way(s) was SacchDB disappointing, difficult to
             use or not useful?

8a.     Are the types of topics currently covered within SacchDB
          sufficient?  [Yes:No]

        8b.  If "No," what topics should be added and what information
          should they include?

9a.     Are the topics included in SacchDB covered in sufficient
          detail?  [Yes:No]

        9b.  What needs to be treated more thoroughly?

10a.    Are there features that should be changed in order to become
          more useful?  [Yes:No]

        10b.  What changes would you suggest?

11a.    Have you submitted data to SGD?  [Yes:No]

        11b.  If yes, have we entered the information correctly?  
               [Yes:No:Have not checked]

        11c.  Please state your corrections here or on a separate

12a.    Have you found any mistakes in SacchDB?  [Yes:No]
        12b.  Please state your corrections here or on a separate

13a.    Were you aware that SGD maintains the registry of S.
           cerevisiae gene names?  [Yes:No]
        13b.  Were you aware that you can submit genetic and physical
              mapping data/results to SGD?  [Yes:No]

14a.    Would you like to receive periodic updates of the SGD CD-ROM?

        14b.  If yes, what amount is the most you would be willing to
              pay and how often should the updates occur?
                [quarterly;twice a year:yearly]

15a.    Do you subscribe/read any of the BioSci Newsgroups/Mailing
           Lists?  [Yes:No]

        15b.  If yes, which newsgroups do you find useful?

16a.    Would you like to be on an electronic mailing list to receive
        brief and infrequent messages about significant changes to the
        services or information provided by SGD?  [Yes:No]

        If yes, please include your preferred Internet electronic mail
         address above.

17.     What type(s) of computer(s) do you use in your lab?
        CD-ROM: [Yes:No]
        Amount of RAM:
        Total Hard Disk Size:
        Connected to Internet? [Yes:No]

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