Yeast Gene Analysis Data and Results

Mike Cherry cherry at
Mon Dec 28 14:51:47 EST 1998

The Front Page of the Stanford Genomic Resources Web site has been expanded
to provide hyperlinks to a number of analyses published in December.  The
front page is at:

The data and results are from the works published by:

- Chervitz et al., Science 282:2022. Worm-Yeast Protein Comparison.

- Spellman et al., MBC 9:3273. Yeast Cell Cycle Analysis.

- DeRisi et al., Science 278:680. Exploring the Metabolic and Genetic
    Control of Gene Expression on a Genomic Scale.

- Eisen et al., PNAS 95:14863. Cluster Analysis and Display of Gene
    Expression Data.

- Chu et al., Science 282:699. Transcription Program of Sporulation in
    Budding Yeast.

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