bio student needs basic yeast help!

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Sun Aug 22 23:16:16 EST 1999

i am a biology student ( doing a levels) doing an investigation into the
effects of different yeast's on the volume of dough. i have done my
experiments but am having trubble with the theory!!!

any answers would be a great help!!!

1. what is the difference between fresh yeast, brewers yeast and dried
2. how are they expected to differ when it comes to making the dough in a
measuring cylinder rise??? which one should make the dough rise the most?
3. how can i explain the differences using biological terms??
4. i left all three measuring cylinders containing dough at a temp of 35C
for one hour. is that OK or does it need to be longer??

thankyou  to anyone who can shed some light. i am desperate for some
i need your replies soon tho,as the project has to be finished by 5th
Thanx again

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