S. cerevesiae in funny shapes & colors

Hadi hadi at removethis.netcologne.de
Fri May 7 09:00:46 EST 1999

Dear Netters,

when doing two-hybrid screens with Clontech's S. cerevesiae HF7c 
I occasionally observe some yeast colonies (around 10 per 10^6 cfu) 
which have a really weird color (ranging from orange to bright 
yellow - I'm not talking about the pink/red (ADE) phenotype...). 
They grow like hell on triple dropout, they may have a somewhat 
slimy appearance (yuk!) and they are often also LacZ positive. 
I've never seen these guys in bait-only transfected cells though.  
Just for the heck of it, I've tried to rescue some prey plasmids 
but w/o much success. 

Is anyone out there who has an idea what THAT is? Might be a 
good source for a yellow pizza dough, though.



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