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Fri Nov 19 03:37:11 EST 1999

Hi Yeast-related people.

I hope you dont mind, I am just doing a little research here...and I figure
you are all very experienced people with yeast.

So I wondered if I could pick your brains re: systemic candidiasis.  Like
most people with this wretched condition, I am aware of various allopathic
and holistic treatments available, as well as candidiasis relationship to
various aspects of diet (intolerances, sugar) and antibiotic and
corticosteroid use (and some add hormones, i.e. the pill).

BUT I wanted to hear what your perspective is on candida.  Is it the same
basically as yeast fungus like all the yeast you guys talk about here?  What
if you wanted to really be effective at wiping them out, and preventing
their return, and in a way that wasn't toxic to take into your body.  What
would you take?  Do you have any ideas or anything at all that clicked re:
candidiasis when you have thought about your own research?

I hope you don't find my post out of place.  I would truly love to hear any
of your perspectives, and I promise I wont hold you responsible for any
opinions you care to free lance upon me.  I just think this will be a very
interesting angle to add to my yeast discussion forum

Thank you all for your consideration and have a yeast-free day!

Judith P.
jlpresto at

I hope you don't mind

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