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NEL-SPOT "007" Color Marking Pistol???

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue May 5 14:25:55 EST 1998

Mike Hagen wrote:
> We've all got a dark side...
> From what I've seen the paint splot isn't that big. (These gadgets are
> popular among the recreational paintball set and are designed to be
> nonlethal). On the other hand, for guys like me who's wrists are 70%
> shot, they can relieve stress on the ol carpal tunnels and liven up
> interpersonal relationships. If nelson could get the lumps out of
> their tree paint, there'd be no need for the gun.

Oh, for you it's your wrists? It's either that or knees or backs. Most
foresters I know are all around 45-55; and we're all falling apart. <G>

My wrists have never bothered me... knock on wood.

But lately the big toe on my left foot hurts when I walk. Tough to get
old. <G>

I don't have problems with lumps in the paint. I dilute it somewhat with
paint thinner and shake it up thoroughly and using the Panama gun (which
I think Don Staples also uses)- the lumps don't choke it up. The high
pressure will push the paint out as long as you don't get little twigs
in the paint which will choke up the valve.

What I want is a laser gun- a science fiction ray gun with which I'll be
able to write my initials on the tree.


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