Response to Patrick's note:

Mark Gardner mrg at RICE.EDU
Mon Feb 13 09:26:27 EST 1995

Response to Patrick's note:

>From: "Patrick O'Neil" <patrick at corona>
>Subject: Re: Attitudes to life extension via genetic engineering
>Date: Sun, 12 Feb 1995 15:18:11 -0700

>I have spent a lot of time considering the possibilities of life 
>extension mediated by genetic engineering or, more likely, biological 
>manipulation.  I cannot deny an attraction to a much longer youth filled 
>with ever more experiences and learning (perhaps a few Ph.D's?) but...

>Conversely, I have considered the wideer ramifications of such 
>manipulations and capabilities and have come to the conclusion that 
>significant life extension in general would be disastrous.

***** pages and pages taken out **********

>Fisheries are overfished, and arable land is limited.  Where does 
>the food come from?

Pat, get a life........you are assuming that all of the people that are now
dying in the prime of their life would somehow be worthless if they kept on
living. Think of the millions and millions of well educated experience
people who fade away just when we could use them the most. These people have
gone through the burden of education, paying for their house, raising
children. What a cheap resource to find a rocket scientist or something
without having the expense of training one. What if Einstein or Feynman were
still alive.

On the other hand we could use a few less whining liberals.


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