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John de Rivaz John at longevb.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 03:09:04 EST 1995

In article: <9502131336.AA10096 at moe.rice.edu>  mrg at RICE.EDU (Mark Gardner) 
> Response to Patrick's note:
> >From: "Patrick O'Neil" <patrick at corona>
> >Subject: Re: Attitudes to life extension via genetic engineering
> >Date: Sun, 12 Feb 1995 15:18:11 -0700
> >I have spent a lot of time considering the possibilities of life 
> >extension mediated by genetic engineering or, more likely, biological 
> >manipulation.  I cannot deny an attraction to a much longer youth filled 
> >with ever more experiences and learning (perhaps a few Ph.D's?) but...
> >Conversely, I have considered the wideer ramifications of such 
> >manipulations and capabilities and have come to the conclusion that 
> >significant life extension in general would be disastrous.
> ***** pages and pages taken out **********
> >Fisheries are overfished, and arable land is limited.  Where does 
> >the food come from?
> Pat, get a life........you are assuming that all of the people that are 
> dying in the prime of their life would somehow be worthless if they kept 
> living. Think of the millions and millions of well educated experience
> people who fade away just when we could use them the most. These people 
> gone through the burden of education, paying for their house, raising
> children. What a cheap resource to find a rocket scientist or something
> without having the expense of training one. What if Einstein or Feynman 
> still alive.
> On the other hand we could use a few less whining liberals.

Nice one!

Why should A die just to make room for B.

A child was once asked what he would ask God. The reply was:

Why do you make more people when you don't look after those you have got?

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