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Age-AIDS: Immunity Crashes, $ Needed For Research

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Wed Feb 15 19:49:17 EST 1995

Ageing and AIDS have immuno deficiency syndrome in common.

As cells stop dividing in upper years, immunity diminishes.

The elderly face the same sentence as the AIDS population.  For some 
reason more money is funded for AIDS cure than for AGE cure.

Talk about the cure for AIDS gets received well in the media and 
social conversation.  Mention arresting the aging process by whatever 
means or calling it 'disease' or genetically programmed cellular division 
cessation, or God's Plan, and the subject is emotionally dismissed as 

It took awhile to educate the public on the benefits of giving up smoking.
It is and has been an emotional challenge.

How long will it take to interest the public, and more specifically the 
decision makers, to consider funding research to stop the aging process?

Decision makers include congressmen to direct govt funding and investors in 
the private 
sector who would like to benefit financially from R&D breakthroughs.

Is it acceptable for someone to profit by investing capital in research 
that would benefit mankind?  There would be windfall profits overnight if 
some privately held biotech corp could manipulate telomerase into healthy 
cells for perpetual division. 

Show me a company that I can buy stock in that focuses exclusively on 
such research and I'll quickly grab some of my sleeping IRA's to invest at 
obviously increased risk.  Not only will I increase my chance of living 
longer, but my chance of sharing in the profit structure.

We all stand to benefit by increased funding for ageing research.  We all 
face the challenge of communicating the feasibility of it.  There are an 
overwhelming number of skeptics.  Which is natural.  The world was flat 
once, before CC did some communication tactics.

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