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Aging Cure and Population Stability

John de Rivaz John at longevb.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 02:36:53 EST 1995

In article: <Pine.3.89.9502150618.K23961-0100000 at Joyce-Perkins.tenet.edu>  
dashley at TENET.EDU (Don Ashley) writes:
> Chris,
> Thanks for your point about demographers and steady  population trend.
> If you could help us find the UN source document it would be good support 
> for promoting funds allocation for research.  Population fears are one of 
> the greatest inhibitors of progress for the decision makers.
> Gov't as well as private sector are hesitant about sending money for 
> politically sensitive projects.  Population projections are sensitive 
> Don

re population projections:

Socialism seems a marvellous idea. Help the poor and sick and soon there 
will be no more poverty or suffering. The UK's Labour Party really believed 
this in 1945.

However they made one fatal flaw. In fact it was the same flaw in British 
policies that lost them their American colonies. It is "No taxation without 
representation". The Socialists used tax money for their policies, but there 
was no representation as to how quickly the poor should mulitply. In fact, 
they were given incentives to multiply.

The resulting disaster is history...

Government cannot achieve anything. Chaos theory shows us that the idea of 
government controlling anything successfully is rather like the idea of 
perpetual motion - stupid. Harry Browne knows this. To learn more ask for my 
Harry Browne file, and it will be sent by email.

If you like this file and live in the USA, you could vote this man in for 
President and see how a minimalist government could send your economy up up 
and away, resulting in more money for research into every field imaginable. 
The rest of the world would have to follow or go bust.

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