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exponential growth

John de Rivaz John at longevb.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 02:36:49 EST 1995

I have been asked for the reference to the oft-quoted "if all those who 
have ever died were resurrected the world's population would only 

Flicking through my books, including Jack Parsons' "Population versus 
Liberty" has not produce it.

I do have graphs of world population increase 1000 to 1970 and they 
show a curve of the form y equals x to the power of one point 
something. (Not explicity stated in the text, at least if it was I 
didn't find it.)

Does anyone have an academically accepted equation that represents 
world growth, and can anyone suggest a mathematical method of using it 
to calculate the effect of resurrecting all the world's dead?

I have thought that it could be programmed assumpting some 

1.  average lifespan is 30 years to 1700, 75 years after

2.  the lifespan of humanity is 10,000 years

3.  the initial population is zero at -10000 from the present

then take blocks of 30 years, calculate the total population by scaling off 
the graph obtained for the equation of growth and sum them all 
together until 75 years before the present.

read off the present population.

the ratio between the two figures is the required result.

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