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Longer Life To Provide Insight

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Thu Feb 16 23:47:26 EST 1995

Strong point there; with longer lifespans surely would come advanced 
problem-solving skills to handle the social demands and challenges of change.

We just need to convince the public to back funding for research and 
invite investors to seek out the labs for venture capital.

On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Robert Luly wrote:

> I have a simple computer program that I got from somewhere that allows 
> you to vary different peramiters and see the effect on a breeding population.
> An interesting thing you can do is delay the age of PUBERTY and see its 
> effect over 1000 years. If you go too far the species goes EXTINCT.
> Could this be a "harmless birth control???
> Luly
> Brian C. Smith (wordsmit at netcom.com) wrote:
> : Patrick O'Neil (patrick at corona) wrote:
> : : On Sun, 12 Feb 1995, John de Rivaz wrote:
> : :   The only remedy to all this is if EVERYONE accepted very strict, 
> : : worldwide birthcontrol regulations.  How likely is that?  The earth is a 
> : If I was going to live a LOT longer would I not have 
> : a much greater "long term" interest :) in restraining reproduction,
> : conserving and recycling resources, and engineering a way off
> : this one small planet?
> : With much more life to live would I not take my living more
> : seriously--and perhaps in time mature into a more responsible
> : being than I would otherwise.
> : My point being...pessimism based on current human "short-timer"
> : attitudes might turn out to be in part unfounded.
> : In otherwords, longer life might improve us enough to deal with
> : the consequences of human life better.
> : Just a thought for the pessimists out there.
> : --BCS--
> : solve but one puzzle: eternal life, and you will have time to
> : solve them all!

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