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Attitudes to life extension via genetic engineering

Mike Lacey mike-l at hero-uk.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 13:13:00 EST 1995

: Actually, both life extension and space colonization are irrelevant to 
: the conclusion that either humans will curb their population growth or we 
: will get it curbed for us.  If you take our current exponential 
: population growth rate and project it a few thousand years in the future, 
: you will eventually get a solid mass of human bodies expanding outward in 
: all directions at the speed of light.  Life extension would make that 
: point come just a little sooner.  Obviously, long before then growth 
: rates would have been curbed, by fair means or foul.  Space colonization 
: would just slightly delay the point at which the rate would have to drop.
: Ken Wolfe


 I think you miss the point slightly <smile>. It's not for living room
 we need to colonize off planet - but to ensure that there are 
 people living *somewhere* in a thousand years. Colonization will *never*
 (in, of course, MHO) be fast enough to save us from Standing Room Only
 in a few years time.

 "We're all going to get a little hungrier, by and by." and I don't
 see a way to avoid that.

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