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Attitudes to life extension via genetic engineering

Joseph J. Strout strout at cajal
Tue Feb 21 11:12:30 EST 1995

On Fri, 17 Feb 1995, Patrick O'Neil wrote:

> No, it would NOT be you.  It would be a machine programed to simulate 
> you.  You would be dead and a poor "copy" of you would be used to animate 
> a machine.  You are nontransferable.  You cannot be conscious in your 
> body one moment, imprint a copy of your personality, etc, on an inanimate 
> matrix, and then, viola, be conscious as YOURSELF in a machine.  You ARE 
> inseperable from your biochemistry and evolution.  You are NOT a movable 
> entity or program that only coincidently presently occupies your 
> biological body...you ARE your body.

"By assertion, we see that this is so..."  =)
Seriously, though, if you're going to make such strong (and potentially 
very important) assertions, please provide some arguments to back them 
up.  Good hard data would be ideal, but if none is available either way, 
then careful logical constructions from explicit assumptions would be 
almost as helpful.  What you claim is not at all obvious to me.

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