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Longevity Breakthrough: Who Gets The Treatment?

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Wed Feb 22 07:10:24 EST 1995

Are your comments reflective of which groups should have access to the 
upcoming breakthrough in aging cessation research?  There may be some 
women who would disagree with the idea of being left out.

What other groups should be delayed treatment?  
Certainly not lawyers or politicians.

Without them, there would be no point in staying around.  Or gas station 
attendents, as was mentioned earlier in this thread.

You will probably need a committee to decide such matters, so as not to 
have to personally take the heat of opposition.

On Wed, 22 Feb 1995, Tom Stockfisch 

> In article <drierac.46.0012185B at deakin.edu.au> drierac at deakin.edu.au (Chris Driver) writes:
> >It is interesting that this demographic transition is happening in many 
> >countries without attaining a high material standard of living. Some people 
> >have suggested that womens rights are an important factor. Maybe so but 
> >population stabilisation is happening in Australia and the USA without a good 
> >record of equality of opportunity for women. I think it is fair to say that we 
> >don't understand what is going on and we need to know more.
> >Chris Driver
> Although it can be argued that women have not achieved full equality in
> the United States, this is not what population theorists are talking
> about as a country with poor women's rights.  In fact, social equality
> for women in the US is among the best in the world (can someone
> enlighten me as to where it is higher?).  In India it is alleged
> that wives are burned to death in "kitchen accidents" after the
> dowry money runs out.  In Middle Eastern countries women are not
> allowed to drive cars.  We're not talking corporate ladder glass
> ceilings or statistically significant salary differentials, we're
> talking basic survival.
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