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Voluntary Reductions In Population

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Thu Feb 23 07:05:01 EST 1995

There will be numerous people who will choose not to take anti-aging 
remedies when they become available.  Fears of pop explosion don't take this 
into account.  

Natural aging and demise is the way many people think their problems will 
be solved.  It is subconsciously regarded as long term stress relief. A 
very subtle form of depression and resignation.

Resignation is observed in the 'learned helplesness' experiments with 
dogs and other animals.  Many people are conditioned to accept the notion 
that death is inevitable.  

Yet one's death can never be proven to that person.

Emulation is a 'monkey see, monkey do' phenomena.  Look at all the other 
people who die.  "Therefore, so will I."

Half the people who ever lived on earth are still alive.  Yet the 
consensus is to relate to the ones who aren't.  

We can choose our role models.  People who actively stay alive and 
nurture their bodies and minds by driving safely and maintaining healthy 
consumption and relationships, while avoiding high risk environments, are 
longevity models.

Some Easterners promote autosuggetion.  Visualization, meditation, 
alternative health stuff.  Who here can say that no one there has 
circumvented the genetically programmed death sentence of the aging 
process? It would not be the nature of Eastern concepts to impose 
successful life extending techniques to a pessimistic Western society 
that sucks up every sensational OJ headline in the media.

Our institutions are programmed to replace worn out parts (the aging 
personnel).  Discussion of longevity threatens to disrupt the order of 
attrition and promotion.  Do you to continue working for the same 
supervisor for another 175 years?

On and on go the reasons to suppress energy directed toward longevity 

How many people foster the idea of being married to same spouse for 
another 115 years?  When 'tolerance' is the best descriptor of their 
relationship today.  

Natural expiration provides solutions.  No guilt trips about thoughts of
doing away w/ self or others. No acknowledgement of depression or
resignation. No having to work on improving status quo.  Just wait it out.
Let the cells quit dividing and immunity crash.  It will all be wonderful
when we go to sleep and wake up in stress-free land. 

Try to imagine the technology that will be available for those who stay  
around.  It is incomprehensible.  What science fiction will not become 
reality, with developments surfacing daily?  The motivation is here. For 
the courageous. 

On 22 Feb 1995, Rick Abrams wrote:

> In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.950217144858.608A-100000 at corona>,
> Patrick O'Neil  <patrick at corona> wrote:
> >
> >
> >On Fri, 17 Feb 1995, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> >
> >> There can't be any crash since the hardware is very special and has only
> >> a "Virtual Machine"/Soft Circuit layer: no software, it's all 
> >> architecture, running a special data structure (me).
> >
> >No, it would NOT be you.  It would be a machine programed to simulate 
> >you.  You would be dead and a poor "copy" of you would be used to animate 
> >a machine.  You are nontransferable.  You cannot be conscious in your 
> >body one moment, imprint a copy of your personality, etc, on an inanimate 
> >matrix, and then, viola, be conscious as YOURSELF in a machine.  You ARE 
> >inseperable from your biochemistry and evolution.  You are NOT a movable 
> >entity or program that only coincidently presently occupies your 
> >biological body...you ARE your body.
> >
> Okay, if your posts are an honest statement of what you believe,
> then act, for yourself only, on those beliefs. But don't forbid 
> me to act in a way I feel proper. 
> If you think you know the future will be limited just as you 
> indicate, fine, don't do anything to extend your life. I 
> appreciate all voluntary reductions of population growth.
> -- 
> rha

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